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Wanda Curtis Biography Photo Wanda Curtis Biography
Born: 11/7/1975
Aliases: Hynie Fender, Anna Kovach, Heiny, Anna Lero, Hayny Cristhen, Ajnalka Kovacs, Wanda, Hoyni, Hayni Cristhen, Annalisa Montezumolo, Hayni Hilford, Hajni Kovacs, Hajni, Judy, Vanda Curtis, Najna, Vanda, Angie, Annalisa Montezemolo, Laura, Hanji Kovacs

Born: November 07, 1975 Budapest, Hungary
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Weight: 118 lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 34C
Waist: 24"
Hips: 35"
Nationality/Heritage: Hungarian
Tattoos Capricorn right shoulder
Birth Name:Hajnalka Katalin Kovacs

Performer AKA Hynie Fender, Anna Kovach, Heiny, Anna Lero, Hayny Cristhen, Ajnalka Kovacs, Wanda, Hoyni, Hayni Cristhen, Annalisa Montezumolo, Hayni Hilford, Hajni Kovacs, Hajni, Judy, Vanda Curtis, Najna, Vanda, Angie, Annalisa Montezemolo, Laura, Hanji Kovacs, Hayni C

Born November 07, 1975 as Hajnalka Katalin Kovacs in Budapest Hungary, to local accountant Bernal Kovacs and wife Katalin. This little gem of the old country wouldn't stay a secret for long. Just out of schooling and studies to be a doctor Wanda caught a glimpse of another mystifying world.

Meeting up with traveling porn professionals she got a taste of what the PAID life might be. With her current outlook to a future wage as a doctor being less than $600.00 per month. This dark haired stranger just offered her $1,000 for one shooting, hmmmm... She thought this cant be that bad nearly doubling the salary of a doctor and no more studying. Wanda was off to the races to say. Her new found dreams of easy cash and a shot at an American Dream would lead her off to southern California to jumpstart the mission.

She seemed as the round hole for the round peg or any peg for that manner, Wanda fit in like she had been at it for decades. While working in a Private film, Wanda got to do a scene in a moving horse drawn carriage. The scene starts out with two chicks making out in the back while Wanda watches and plays with herself. David Perry shows up and starts driving. As soon as they take off, Wanda starts sucking his cock. This is actually a really well shot scene when you consider how tough it is to capture the action. Eventually they stop and then Wanda really goes nuts with her mouth. The other two girls join in and David has his hands full. He works his way through as many holes as he can, eventually fucking Wanda in the ass and letting her stroke his seed onto all three faces.

In The Uranus Experiment, Wanda played an astronaut. (Great three part movie by the way.) As you would expect, there was a lot of hanky panky on the space ship. With Silvia Saint and another blonde on the same crew, they treat three guys to a big orgy. It's hard to notice any woman in a scene with Silvia, but Wanda holds her own as the girls all swallow sword. Orgy scenes aren't my favorite, but when you Wanda and Silvia you've always got something hot to look at.

Wanda considers "Amanda's Diary 5" to be some of her best work. Conveniently, we get some footage of her on the set. That leads us into a very couples friendly scene complete with kissing as part of the foreplay. (Shock) Wanda works her mouth down to his cock and starts doing some more intimate kissing. Right in the middle of some loving 69, a sexy black girl joins the party and the guy does double duty. During the doggy, Wanda keeps her mouth close so she can taste the other girl. A second guy comes in as well and now Wanda can fuck side by side with the other couple. When her guy blasts a nut on Wanda's tummy, the second girl laps it up. Turnabout is fair play as Wanda lets the other guy pull out and shoot on her face.

Frank Thring used Wanda in a fetish scene. She and another girl use their male captive as a boot slave. He licks Wanda's boot while the other chick whips his ass. If you like the leather and crop look, then this will be the scene you want to tune in for. When Wanda starts fucking, she still has her thigh high boots and biker cap. I'm more interested in the way those tits look as she bounces in his lap. Wanda is clearly the star in this three way, doing a great anal scene before sharing a facial.

For the big finale we get to see Wanda doing a DP. First she has to get naked though, and does so in a very stylized scene. There is heavy music and slow motion action as she strips. Thankfully, the speed picks up when she starts sucking the first cock. They move rather quickly through the scene to a hot little A scene. The DP is short, so don't blink or you might miss it. Her pretty face gets a final blast from the two guys to close out the movie.

If you're a fan of Wanda Curtis and are tired of seeing her in one or two per movie, then this disc is a must own. It's wall to wall Wanda in a number of different types of action. When you throw in the full second disc with more Wanda you get just about all of her Private scenes and photo shoots. If you've never seen Wanda before, you're bound to like her in this. I enjoyed the interview segments in between quite a bit. They broke up the compilation nicely and made things interesting. The picture quality is great and with a killer bonus package, this is another great Private DVD. Now I just have to figure out who the other five girls were in this line.

Wanda Curtis
We talk to the star of the legendary Uranus Experiment
Age: 26
Nationality: Hungarian
Star sign: Scorpio

Wanda Curtis has long been a favourite at Private. This horny harlot hails from Hungary and at 26 already has a string of hit titles to her name ranging from the legendary Uranus Experiment to her latest hit The Private Life of Wanda Curtis.

Wanda, I think what everyone would love to know is just how did you get started in this business?

Well, it's no big deal really, I met a photographer and he introduced me to Private, and it all just went from there.

What were you doing before you got started in this?

Among other things I was a teacher but I had done some modelling as well, which was useful experience for working in the adult industry.

Does work take up most of your time, or do you have other interests?

Oh yes, I always make sure I have time for my hobbies, I think it's very important to unwind. I like reading, swimming, photography, I like to play with my pussy... (she stops, seeing the big grin on my face) actually she's a Siamese, I absolutely adore cats (she laughs) and of course, yes, I like to unwind with a really good fuck.

What kind of sex do you prefer?

Oh, my favourite position is spoon, and I like threesomes. I prefer guys to girls but I think it's important to try everything, everything has its particular pleasures.

A lot of people consider size to be important, do you prefer huge cocks?

No, not at all, I actually prefer medium-sized cocks as I can do more things with them, and, of course, it all depends what it is attached to (she giggles) - if he has a good technique then the size really is irrelevant.

So you prefer your cocks attached to a man, don't you use dildos ever?

But of course I do, in fact I masturbate most days, but naturally I prefer to have a real cock inside me if I have the choice.

What do you expect from a lover?

I want him to be a perfect lovemaker, but that is very difficult. I haven't found anyone like that, so perfect lovemaking is still one of my fantasies.

Can you tell us if you have any other unfulfilled sexual fantasies?

Yes, I have done many things, but there are still a couple. The first one I will probably do, it's not really that outrageous, it is to fuck in a sauna. The second is more difficult, it is to have perfect sex with Leonardo Di Caprio, alone, just me and him.

And what would you ask him to do?

(She smiles viciously) I'd tell him to put his cock in my mouth, in my pussy and up my ass.

Do you like fetish?

Well, I have tried it, with Frank Thring, and it was fun, but I prefer to try different things. I wouldn't want to always be doing fetish.

Are you single or do you have a partner?

I have a boyfriend, but sshhh, he doesn't know what I do for a living.

And lastly, what are your plans for the future?

I'd like to study philosophy at university and maybe to teach. But for the moment I'm just enjoying this!

Another Interview:
PRIVATE: What's your role in the movie?

WANDA CURTIS: I'm a Russian spy. My mission is to find out how men react to sex in the space. All I need is a "victim", a laboratory rat to do my investigation on.

P: And who is the poor man?

Wanda Curtis: Nick Lang.

P: Do you succeed in your mission?

Wanda Curtis: Of course, I can be really persuasive.

P: What do you expect from a lover?

Wanda Curtis: I want him to be a perfect love maker, but that is very difficult. I haven't found anyone like that, so a perfect love making is still one of my fantasies.

P: Have you got any others?

Wanda Curtis: Oh, yes! I'd love making love alone with Leonardo Di Caprio.

P: And what would you ask him to do?

Wanda Curtis: (Viciously smiles) I'd tell him to put his cock up my mouth, up my pussy and up my ass.

P: Have you got any memorable scene?

Wanda Curtis: Yeah! A cumshot in "The Expose".

P: How is the daily life of a porn actress?

Wanda Curtis: Too fast and busy. I hardly have time for me, for my hobbies.

P: What do you like doing?

Wanda Curtis: I like reading, swimming and watching my cat. But I'm interested in a lot of things: photography, fashion, everything.

P: Do you have any future plans?

Wanda Curtis: Yes, studying a lot. I want it all.

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